Daily Quote :
Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure. (Matthew11:26)

Basic Policy

Teaching integrated with the use of information technology and related to daily life, thereby increasing interest in learning of mathematics;

induce students to understand and master the basic concepts of mathematics and computing skills;

develop students' thinking, communication, problem solving and creativity;

develop students' number sense and sense of space; appreciate the law and graphical models’ structure

With basic mathematics knowledge, strengthen the capacity of lifelong learning;

strengthen care for students of different abilities.



To introduce student’s the basic mathematical concepts ,to help students develop their number sense, number crunching, using mathematical symbols, use and analysis of statistical data, logical thinking, a sense of two-dimensional space, a sense of three-dimensional space, problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.



Cultivate the students’ interests in mathematics and make good use of the mathematical knowledge in order to in daily life, and learn to use mathematical language to discuss, analyze and solve problems. Moreover, with the mathematical foundation, students can prepare for their future academic and work.